Intervention: What is It?

An intervention is a gathering of friends and family—usually led by an interventionist–-to share their concerns for a drug or alcohol abuser in order to impress upon them the reasons they should seek help for their disease of addiction.

Before you plan your intervention, it’s advisable to conduct a pre-interview with your interventionist. If you can’t find an interventionist near you, a friend or family member can lead the intervention in their place.

A core component to ensuring a fruitful intervention is creating an atmosphere for the intervention based on love, care and support. A combative atmosphere can cause the entire intervention to back-fire and prohibit the substance abuser to seek help.

During the intervention, it’s also important to remember that addiction is a disease. This particular disease is fueled by shame and neglect. Triggering these feelings with your family member or loved one can have disastrous results and dissuade them from getting help or participating in another intervention.

The goal of intervention is simple: to get the substance abuser into a treatment facility. Treatment is the end game.

Tips for Staging an Intervention

Build an Effective Team: Assembling the best team of family members and loved ones who will effectively persuade the addict to get help is paramount. Consider inviting the spouse, friends, family members and loved ones who have the most influence over the substance abuser.

Timing is Everything: Waiting too long to stage an intervention could have severe, even lethal repercussions. An addict who isn’t getting help, continues their abuse and suffering, as harms the ones they love.

Location: The location for intervention is crucial. The best place isn’t the home of the substance abuser or their family, as it may bring up negative memories from the abuser’s past. A formal setting is often best, such as an office or conference room.

Rehearsal and Preparation: As the saying goes, “If it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage!” Prepare and rehearse with each participant.. Also use note cards to make sure every participant will remember everything they want to say.

Stage an Intervention Now!

The best time to stage an intervention is ASAP! Intervention is the most powerful tool a friend or loved one of an addict has to help them find healing. If you have concerns that an addict will get confrontational, make sure you convey that the intervention will be based on compassion, love and support and from a place that’s non-judgmental. If you have any questions about intervention, detox, rehab or anything drug and alcohol addiction related, give us a call at (407) 603-7544!