Drug Rehab

The disease of drug addiction ruins every aspect of a person’s life. Rest assured, a variety of treatments are available for people experiencing the hardships addiction creates. Treatment tailored to each individual’s needs (based on patterns of drug abuse, psychiatric, co-occurring medical and social issues) most effectively sustain a life in recovery. Living in recovery from drug addiction legitimizes the battle it takes to get there. Whether you or someone you care about is experiencing the powerful impact of addiction, there is a solution.

Drugs and the Body

Drug abuse and addiction distresses and seriously affects the user’s health. A variety of consequences derive from addiction and abuse that prove detrimental to one’s body and mind, requiring professional help. Drug abuse can impact every aspect of daily life, due to widespread brain damage and change. These brain changes include, but are not limited to, difficulty with memory, learning, attention, decision-making and behavioral control. In addition to a weakened immune system, there are physical effects drug abuse has on the body. A few of these physical effects are: restlessness, fatigue, changes in appetite, abnormal heart rate, heart attacks, muscle weakness, liver and kidney damage.

Recovery from Drug Addiction

Rehab facilities address the physical factors the body needs to regain health. Detoxification is one of the most vital steps in the healing process. Without exception, detoxing forces the body into withdrawal. Medical assistance and observation is important when your body experiences withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms include, but are not limited to anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, tension, disturbed sleep, headaches, sweating, nausea, muscle pain and stiffness. In rehab, you receive medical assistance and attention, the entirety of your stay. Your recovery gets monitored for the purpose of your overall safety and healing, which starts with the physical process of detoxification, then psychological and behavioral.

Addressing psychological and behavioral portions of the brain is imperative, soon after the detoxification process. The brain’s recovery and ability to function normally can take months or years. However, we are glad to inform you that rehabilitation provides the necessary environment to promote healing in each area mentioned. In addition to psychological, behavioral and physical treatment, you will receive support with your transition out of rehab, into everyday life. Upon completion of the rehabilitation, you will transition with confident and be equipped with the necessary tools to live a life in recovery.

Free from Addiction

Drug abuse changes the brain in ways that cultivate compulsive drug use. This makes quitting extremely difficult, whether an individual is ready to do so or not. Freedom from addiction is available with proper treatment. Even if your addiction seems too strong to fight, remember you are not alone in the fight. Recovery from addiction is possible, and drugs no longer have to have control your life and every decision. Get back to a life of choices. It’s not too late to have a productive and happy life. There is a solution to drug addiction, call now. (407)-603-7544 .