Withdrawing from alcohol or drugs could become life-threatening; an illness that withdrawals transpires in individuals who have abused alcohol or drugs for years, months, and even weeks. When an individual significantly decreases their his or her drug or alcohol intake or quits “cold turkey”, is where withdrawal symptoms would come about.

What is Detox?

Alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms commence as early as two hours after the last use or drink, and can lingering for weeks, and fluctuating from jitters and anxiety to serious health complications, such as delirium tremors and seizures.
Since alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms can hastily worsen, it is imperative to seek out medical attention even if withdrawals appear as mild. Proper alcohol and drug withdrawal treatment and, detoxification, may lessen the risk of fatality during the withdrawal period.

Some of the milder withdrawal symptoms commencing alcohol or drugs are but not limited to nausea, anxiety, tremors, headache, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, chills, and fatigue. A few of the more severe drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms are seizures and hallucinations.

How can Alcohol and Drug Rehab Orlando Help?

Here, at Alcohol Drug Rehab Orlando, our patients must undergo a medically assisted withdrawal period. This is where all toxic chemicals from alcohol and drugs contain will be rid from the body safely. Alcohol and Drug Rehab Orlando understands how painful the withdrawing period can be. Consequently, we offer a medically assisted withdrawal period, other known as detoxification. During the time withdrawal symptoms are present, the first step taken in the detox process would be easing the withdrawal symptoms, helping the recovering individual become as comfortable as possible.
Alcohol and Drug Rehab Orlando creates a personalized detoxification plan to suit each client’s particular situation. Each recovering addict’s detoxification plan will differ depending upon the amount or type of the substance abused. Alcohol and Drug Rehab Orlando finds this important because, an individual withdrawing from alcohol will not have the same symptoms as an individual withdrawing from opiates.

Consequently, here are countless diverse factors involved with creating a personalized detoxification plan, including the recovering individual’s motivation too complete treatment successfully. The first step taken will be to expel all toxins from the body that alcohol and drugs contain. This process is used to make it possible for a recovering individual to strive toward long-term recovery. It is without question, an individual must have an unpolluted system to start the journey recovery entails.

Take Action! Rebuild Your Life Today!

Remember, the sooner treatment and rehabilitation is decided upon, the greater the chances of attaining long-term clean time and sobriety will be. The goal of detox at Alcohol and Drug Rehab Orlando is to progressively and safely reduce the recovering individual’s clients’ dependence on drugs and alcohol so they can rebuild their lives and become everything they imagined themselves being. The time is now; to Change a suffering individual’s life around.
Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Orlando is here—all you have to do is take the first step and call (407) 603-7544 to get help today!